Grand Haven, MI

Rent Jet Ski

So think about this. You’re on vacation. Maybe you’re up in Grand Haven, MI enjoying the city. You decide you’d like to go out on the lake and enjoy the water. The problem is you don’t own a boat and you don’t know anywhere that offers vacation boat rentals. Your buddy wants to pick up a jet ski as well, so you get on Google and type in ‘rent jet ski’. A number of companies pop up but which one to pick?

That’s where we come in. Makin Waves Boat & Jet Ski Rental would be happy to get you out on a boat to enjoy the sun and the water. We offer those vacation boat rentals you want, and we can also set you up on jet skis if that’s more of your style. Whatever your idea of bliss is, Makin Waves wants to help you acquire it. We toss in life jackets for everyone on the boat so you never have to worry about safety and we can help you out with accessories to make the day go smoothly.

Grand Haven, MI is a great spot to set out for the water and we are close enough to make it easy. We have decades of experience in the business and strive to make sure our customers are always happy. Well-trained employees and great pontoon boats are a part of that. Without either, we wouldn’t be Makin Waves.

So next time, instead of typing in that search for ‘rent jet ski’, save yourself some time. Give us a call here at Makin Waves. Or just stop by the dock. You don’t need an appointment. We’ll get you out on the water and enjoying the lake in no time. Our proven knowledge, expert staff and exquisite boats will make sure we do our job, which is making you happy.
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Saugatuck, MI 49453
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